Hey friend, I'm Jade.

My name is Jade and I've had a camera in hand for the last 4 years. College didn't feel like my thing, so I went out on a limb and bought a camera without a clue of where it would take me. Fast forward 600+ sessions, and over 25 weddings—I’m in love! I now have an amazing husband that I team up with for weddings, and a daughter who inspires me to be better everyday.I LOVE what I do. I feel like I won the lottery of who I was meant to be, because it's a freaking blast.

A little about me


I’m Jade

I'm 23 years old, a wife to Nicolas, and a mother to Josie. You can find us mostly nestled away at home watching a movie or eating a home cooked meal because this is our happy place! I love our little life that we've created.


My Hobbies

I love vacations and seeing new places, so any opportunity that I have to travel, I'm gonna take. I also loveee hosting my photography podcast. You can check it out on Apple Podcast "We need to talk".


My Favorite Things

You can find me eating Mexican food, taking walks with my daughter Josie, and hanging out with family always.


Interesting Fact

Not only am I a photographer, but my husband Nic offers videography add-ons for wedding days!